Our Aircraft

Our Aircraft

Treat yourself to the Citation XLS+

Aircraft Specifications

  • Seats: First class luxury for 8 passengers
  • Cabin: 5’8”/5’6”/18’6” (h/w/l)
  • Baggage: 90 cubic feet, 700 lbs
  • Speed: Over 480 MPH
  • Range: 2000 Miles
  • Ceiling: 45,000 ft, flying above most weather
  • Features: Wifi, XM Radio, Air Phone, Rosenview

The Cessna Citation XLS+ combines first class cabin luxury for up to 8 passengers and remarkable performance in a beautiful mid-size jet loaded with features generally reserved for large commercial aircraft. It is the most sought after business jet in the world, with the largest cabin in its class, which wraps you in quiet comfort.

The XLS+ has the exceptional ability to safely fly in and out of thousands of small airports while providing impeccable luxury and comfort, taking you conveniently closer to your destination. The attention to detail will be apparent as soon as you step aboard our meticulously appointed aircraft.

Take your business aloft and enjoy the ride.

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